good night everyone! good luck at school tomorrow, hang in there it’s almost over!!

okay I really do need to go to sleep

Michael and I are texting each other “you should go to sleep” but neither of us are doing it lmao

I’m going through the feminist tag but instead of reblogging posts and having to have a conversation with the people who posted them I’m just making my own posts about it lol

all my posts right now are kinda weird and disjointed right now lol

women’s razors suck, I always use men’s razors

it’s like for the women’s they try too hard to make it cute and dainty looking that they forget to make it practical


its so funny watching men completely change the second you ask them not to call themselves feminists. like yeah you really wanna help lmao thats why you arent listening on what women have to say about it and instead are making it about yourself

people act like you “don’t have a sense of humor” if you don’t laugh at offensive things but like ?? idk what you’re talking about because I laugh all the time every day, there are plenty of things to laugh about that a harmless and actually funny so stop pretending offensive humor is the only kind of humor and stop pretending offensive humor is funny at all



cis men need to get over the fact that a lot of us are uncomfortable with them calling themselves feminists and stop making a big fuss over it, call yourself a feminist ally or whatever but you don’t get to call yourself a feminist sorry

Feminists need to get over the fact that people have the right to call themselves whatever they want, and stop making a big fuss over every little thing they disagree with. 

if cis men who legitimately agree with feminism want to support the movement while still respecting it they’ll call themselves feminist allies or something whatever I don’t care what they call themselves as long as it’s not a feminist

that’s not asking much. it’s just asking for respect. respect the fact that many feminists are also uncomfortable with cis men calling themselves feminists because they tend to be hypocritical about it and only use the label to give themselves a free pass to keep being the same misogynistic people they were before. respect the fact that you’ll never fully understand the experiences of feminists so you shouldn’t get to call yourself one.

it bothers me when a girl calls another girl a c*nt but it like suuuper bothers me when a guy says it

stop!!! calling!!! people!!! c*nts!!!! mostly boys stop doing it!!!!

should I work tomorrow? hmmmm I’m thinking no

kasey’s love life is giving me energy

I’m soo nosy like I used to go through all my family members’ drawers n stuff when they weren’t home and I’ve read nearly every diary my sisters have owned and I’ve even made photocopies of pages like I will stop at nothing to know everything about my family